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Is Morocco expensive to visit?

More than 9 million travelers visited Morocco in 2019, an increase of nearly 12% over the previous year. A new record for the country!

And it is understandable! Travelling to Morocco is the assurance of a cheap stay, only a few hours by plane from France. But cheap does not mean free. It is therefore necessary to plan your budget before going on vacation in the kingdom.

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What is the price of transport in Morocco?

Before you go on a trip to Morocco, try to establish a budget. Transportation is an important expense item in the preparation of your tailor-made trip.

Getting to Morocco

First, you will have to go to Morocco. Several airports allow you to arrive in Morocco non-stop. From London, you can choose to land in Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, Rabat (the capital), Fez or Tangier.

Several major cities in England also allow you to reach Moroccan cities non-stop in 3h30 to 5h flight time.

Concerning the fares, count between 120 € and 300 € return depending on the airline chosen (Royal Air Maroc, Easy Jet, Ryanair…), the city of arrival, the period you are leaving and your anticipation. Generally, the more you wait until the last moment, the more the price of the tickets goes up.

Getting around the country by bus

If you go all inclusive, you won’t have to worry about traveling around the country. But if idleness is not part of your program and you prefer to organize everything yourself, know that the bus network is well developed in Morocco and connects both large cities and remote corners.

Three major companies provide most of the services:

  • CTM,
  • Supratours,
  • SATAS.

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Private Driver in Morocco

In the cities, travelling by cab is economical if you know the fares. Always ask the driver to set the meter. If he refuses, don’t get in with him. Cabs are official and must respect the current fare which is generally 2 Dh at the pick-up (3 if it is in the evening or in front of your hotel) and between 4 and 8 Dh per kilometer.

Make sure you have change on you to pay the right price. In case of conflict, do not hesitate to note the number of the cab and tell him that you will go to the tourist police, the conflict should be resolved as if by magic 😉

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How much does accommodation in Morocco cost?

There are many ways to stay in Morocco during your trip as a family, couple or solo. For a honeymoon, you may opt for an all-inclusive formula with the Marmara club or other hotels in Marrakech or elsewhere offering wellness stays.

Other travelers may prefer to choose more economical accommodations such as youth hostels.

Hotels in Morocco

The cost of hotels in Morocco varies according to their location, their standing and the period of time you stay in the country.

Major hotel chains such as Ibis or Sofitel are present but many hotels are available throughout the country at all prices.

For example, the Swani hotel in Meknes costs only 5 € per night in a double room. In Casablanca, the average is around 50 € per night, in Tangier you can find at 40 € per night in a double room.

It is not necessarily advantageous to go to a youth hostel, except perhaps in big cities like Rabat, Casablanca or Marrakech. The offer is quite limited and the rates are quite close to what you can find when choosing a hotel.

The Airbnb in Morocco

If you wish to stay with a Moroccan family, you can turn to Airbnb and choose to stay in a private room with a Moroccan family. Count between 30 and 70 € per night in a private room.

But if you want to enjoy a Moroccan riad for yourself, prices also start at 30 € and rise more quickly up to 250 € depending on the city requested.

The offer is more extensive in the north of Morocco than in the south. Think about it if you want to visit Morocco in its entirety.

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How much does food cost in Morocco?

Moroccan cuisine is very famous. It is characterized by its variety of dishes from Berber, Arab and Jewish cuisine. There are also influences coming from other African countries and even from India on the side of the spices used.

To you the tajines, couscous, pastillas, mechouis or briouats, without forgetting the inevitable mint tea at the end of each meal. There are of course variations and specialties depending on where you are in the country (Essaouira, southern Morocco, high Atlas …).

For lovers of sweetness, you will not be outdone. The oriental pastries are composed of marzipan, honey, orange blossom and cinnamon.

Level cost, you will be able to offer you to eat in the restaurant every day and even at every meal! A lunch at the restaurant costs between 20 and 50 Moroccan dirham (between 2 and 5 €).

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