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Is Marrakech safe in 2021?

When visiting a new country, we always ask ourselves the same question. “Many people hesitate because of the political instability in North Africa, and walking through some of the unlit streets gives a feeling of insecurity.

To clear all your doubts below we tell you if Marrakech is a safe city and how to ensure a hassle-free trip. We recommend you to read our post with the best travel tips to go to Marrakech to know other recommendations that will make your experience more comfortable and calm.

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Is it safe to travel to Marrakech?

The first thing to do when traveling to Marrakech is to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure your safety. In any case, the legislation protects tourists at all costs, since tourism brings a lot of wealth to the country. Thus, there are policemen all over Marrakech to protect you, much of it as plainclothes police that you will not recognize.

The citizens are also very aware of the importance of tourism to the country, so they will do everything they can to help you and make you feel comfortable. Even if someone were to rob you, they would collaborate with each other to find the culprit. However, the golden tip is to take care of your belongings to avoid losing them or having them stolen, as well as not to carry valuables for yourself.

Scams are one of the few problems you can encounter in Marrakech. However, keep in mind that not all Moroccans are like that, there are also hospitable and friendly people. Here are the most common scams and the best tips to avoid them.

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Fake guides

If someone volunteers to guide you, it’s best to turn them down. Marrakech is a city with convoluted streets in which you will get lost more than once, so when you need help we advise you to ask workers, policemen or other tourists. On many occasions, young people offer to help you and as soon as you tell them where you want to go, they insist on taking you there and charging you for the ride.

In order to avoid these compromising situations, we recommend you to visit the city with a guide, (and what better than with a free tour of Marrakech) to show you the most touristic areas and the most emblematic places in complete safety and in English.

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Cab drivers

Another common case is that cab drivers rip off tourists. Some follow the longest route to increase the price, while others will not put the meter and will charge you more than what is due without you being able to complain.

To avoid these situations, ask them to turn on the taximeter when you get in. In any case, it is advisable to hire transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, so you will not have any problem and you will be sure to have a transport. Check out our page with offers on transfers between Marrakech and Menara airport to find the best ways to move between the two areas.

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You may be approached by someone asking you to come with them to show you a beautiful area where you can take fantastic photos. You better ignore him, he will probably take you to a mediocre place where he will charge you a good tip.

A very serious case is the sale of animals in the market, such as monkeys and snakes. Better stay away from them. First of all, they are suffering constant mistreatment and hardly get out of the cages. Secondly, they may bite you and transmit serious diseases. In addition, they will charge you for looking at them or photographing them, a payment that would finance the mafias and animal abuse. We invite you to read our post about the market in Marrakech to know which are the safest and most touristic areas of the souk to avoid this kind of situations.


Excursions offered at a bargain price are often a scam. As in all other situations, you will end up being overcharged for a ride, for example, in the case of the desert. Therefore, we insist that you book your activities online and in advance with reputable providers to enjoy Marrakech and its surroundings safely and affordably.

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